Beachcomber’s Mauritius Honeymoon – Simple • Diverse • Luxury

Dreaming up the destination of your once in a lifetime honeymoon is not easy!  Often spoilt for choice (and rightly so) it can be complex, time consuming and when faced with so many worldwide destinations just plain and simply  difficult. See why TNWS exhibitors Beachcomber Tours choose Mauritius! 

As the world becomes more and more accessible our choices increase.When faced with a plethora of magical destinations we can become more demanding in pursuit of our ideal honeymoon. We want a destination that ticks all the boxes. Mauritius is this destination!


Situated in the Indian Ocean some 1,242 miles east of the African continent, Mauritius is an island that is extremely rich in natural beauty and home to some of the most fantastic people and culture. The biodiversity of the Mauritian people has created a culture that is professional, friendly and the cornerstone of the hospitality industry. Whether you are ordering lunch on the beach of your hotel or have stopped to ask directions whilst driving around the island, you’ll be met by a warm, friendly, genuine smile. The desire to serve goes beyond the palm fringed beaches of your hotel. Whilst English is the official language, French is more widely spoken and is dominant in media. Creole, however, is the language spoken by most Mauritians which is predominantly French but has elements of several other languages. Most Mauritians can speak English. When experiencing your honeymoon in Mauritius; you must at least once drag yourself off the beautiful beaches and explore the diverse multiethnic culture that lives in harmony with each other.


Our romance with a destination is usually governed initially from what we see and Mauritius is one of the most visually stunning destinations on the planet. This small island paradise has some of the best beaches in the world together with picture perfect turquoise waters and lagoons which offer safe bathing by the surrounding coral reef. All the luxury and lavish associated with your dream honeymoon can be found at the many beachfront hotels on the island. It is at your chosen hotel where the whole island destination brings to life all you have dreamed your honeymoon to be. The luxury of your hotel with its white sandy beach and crystal ocean lagoon combined with gourmet food and an array of land and water sports is fused together with a service level that is displayed with the warmest of smiles of a rich and diverse culture.


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