The National Wedding Show Wedding Photographer of the Year Competition 2016

Five of the top wedding photographers at The National Wedding Show took part in The National Wedding Show’s first Wedding Photographer of the Year Competition!

The National Wedding Show Wedding Photographer of the Year


This autumn at The National Wedding Show in Olympia London, visitors were encouraged to vote for this year’s Wedding Photographer of the Year; from five of TNWS photographers who each exhibited at the shows. The votes took place over the whole weekend and the choices were Rishi Rai Photography, Dream On Photography, Teri V Photography, Catherine Pound Photography and Lightdraw Photography! See below all of the fantastic entries from our winners and runners up for 2016!

The Winner

Lightdraw Photography with “Loveheart” 

Photo description: A wonderful way to capture all the wedding guests and create a lovely memory.


The Runners Up

Catherine Pound Photography: “Stand by Me”

Photo Description: When the night has come and the land is dark, there’s still magical photographs to be made. So darling, darling, stand by me.


Rishi Rai Photography:  “Mystery Bride Floating Veil”

Photo Description: Caught in the moment but looking like a shoot, this photograph captures an ethereally mysterious bride, timelessly elegant with a fairytale-like quality.

Teri V Photography: “The Coolest Groomsmen Ever”

Photo Description: Capturing the essence of the evenings celebrations with the Groom to show an alternative side to Wedding Photography.


Dream On Photography “After the Rain”

Photo Description: After a ceremony under the rain,
the sun appeared and the colors of Santorini cried to be present in the wedding of Roxy and Ryan.


rachelparkesWedding Photographer of the Year