Confetti isn’t just for throwing! Adam Apple’s top 10 confetti moments…

When it comes to planning a wedding, confetti will be the last thing on a couple’s mind; venues, guest lists – can auntie Mavis be sat closest to the toilets and furthest away from Aunt Barbara (because those two have never quite seen eye to eye since Christmas 1984) and of course THE dress, the most photographed dress you’ll ever wear, not to mention the most expensive (Yikes!) will most likely come first.

What future brides and future grooms all over the wedding world don’t realise is that confetti is not just about getting petals thrown over you after the all-important ‘I Do’s’, confetti can be used before you’re even aware an ‘I Do’ is going to take place.

1. The Proposal

Picture this, you’ve been led somewhere blindfolded by your other half. You’re giggling thinking what on earth are they up too, all the while clinging onto an overly sweaty palm (You can’t ever remember their palms being so sweaty). After what seems like an eternity your blindfold is whipped off to reveal a beautifully decorated table, scattered with gorgeous petals. But most importantly you see your spouse’s face all giddy and red, they then say four of the greatest words you’ll ever hear …… “Will you marry me?”

So, that’s it, you’re getting married, now let the planning commence.

2. Who’s going to be in my gang?

First things first, who’s going to be in you’re A Team on the BIG day? Who will quite happily hold your dress up while you pee? Who will sit with you and make up 100 favours, decorate 150 jam jars with very minimal persuasion? Once you’ve held the trials and finalised the short list its time to let them know, send them a confetti popper to well, pop the question.


3. Time to invite

It’s time to invite the family, let them know that you’ll no longer be Smith, you’re happily becoming a Butts! The invitations are designed and printed completely encompassing your vision for the big day. Sprinkle some confetti in the envelope before you give it a lick and seal, what a pretty surprise each guest will get when they come to open your invite.

4. Engagement fun

Most photographers like to get a feel for the couple before their wedding day, take notes on who looks better in front, outback, who’s taller, smaller, who needs to relax the ‘pout’. An engagement shoot is the perfect way to extract this important information, using confetti during the shoot will be fun and it’ll also be good practice on how to get the best ‘Confetti Moment’ on the day.

So, it’s here, one of the biggest most special days of your life. Everyone has already cried like a gazillion times and you’ve not even made it down the aisle yet.

5. The Aisle

I literally cannot think of a ceremony location that would not benefit from using petals along the aisle, confetti leads the way to happiness. Follow the path to happiness, the path is good, the path is one of the greatest journeys you’ll ever make.


6. Throwing

Confetti is not just about getting petals thrown over you after the all-important ‘I Do’s’, confetti is the fun HOORAY of the day!

Confetti says “let’s get this party started” lets crack open the bubbly and eat the crazy good food we chose 18 months ago, it’s about your guests getting involved and showering you with their joy and happiness that you are now finally united.


Photo Credit – Rachel Ryan Photography

7. Table Decorations

Some couples like to go all out with their theme/décor and some quite simply like it simple. Whichever one you are choosing confetti can completely transform your tables. You can even glitz it up with some biodegradable sparkle (who’d have thought)!

8. First Dance

The foods been eaten, the fizz’s been toasted and now it’s time to hit the dancefloor with a carefully chosen number that means something to you both. Some like it fast and some want to slow it through the moment hugging and kissing (nothing too inappropriate of course). Using a confetti cannon during your first dance will be sure to create a buzz amongst your guests, leaving them with that ‘wow’ factor.



9. The wedding night

That’s it the day is over and your feet are literally itching to remove themselves from your shoes, you head up to your room with each other smiling and laughing, reminiscing the day’s events. Opening the door, your breath is once again taken away at such a romantic sight. The bed is scattered with our red rose and blue petals and the bath is filled with bubbles and yes more oh so pretty petals. You’re not sure what you want to do first, remove the shoes or dive into the bed!

10. The morning after

Time to say goodbye, goodbye to the greatest day, to THE dress, your family and friends and to what can only be described as the world’s comfiest bed. Get your guests to celebrate by showering you as you leave with confetti, more HOORAYS and Cheers.

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