When it’s too late!

When it’s too late!

You will only know this when the hangover has passed, the children have arrived and you wish to show them the day you got married. Hopefully, you will not discuss how good or bad the DJ or band was, how scrumptious or tasteless the food was or whether the registrar looked half asleep during the service. But look back at some average photos and it will come flooding back. Yes, it is a fact that other than some far flung relatives and friends you have not seen since whenever, the photographer will spend more time on the day with you, than the Chef, master of ceremonies, DJ or any other single person.

Therefore, it is crucial that they are accommodating in a professional manner, not running from the responsibility of what it takes. It can be very difficult to get a member of family or friends who may take great pictures the rest of the time, to be able to be in more than one place at a time and control groups of people. With most friends and relatives, they are guests and as a host you want them to enjoy themselves. That is without the worry of what if?


So, what are the what if’s? One of the most common worries is, will they remember to charge the battery on the camera/flashgun and remember to put it back in the camera? We have all seen the beginning of Four Weddings, yes, most people run close to time for whatever reason, the cat’s sick, or the budgies fallen off its perch, kids have eaten the wrong pet food! That is without the traffic, oh the traffic. So, do they have spare batteries for the camera? Do they have a spare camera? Do you want that worry? Murphy’s law states; if it can go wrong, it will be the one time it will. Have they photographed weddings before? How will everybody respond when asked, for that important group to come together for that once in a lifetime shot? Do they have cameras/lighting that can take suitable indoor photos if the weather is inclement? Indoor group shots can be sometimes the most challenging of all!


Wedding photography is like no other, it is a once in a lifetime memory, with no chance of next time we go there ‘I can improve on that’. By all means, it is a great time for families to catch up and catch those moments for their albums. If, however you would like images that you have spent time dreaming over. That feeling of, ‘I want my wedding to be just like that.’ Consider getting the right photographer, so your images inspire others to want a wedding like yours. So, do you really need a professional photographer? Talk to ENCADE on stand F50 at London Excel,  on how they can help you decide what is right for your day.

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