Rain on your wedding day and other ironies

Laura Shroff, Director of TNWS supplier Minpin Events, gives tips on how to save the day when something doesn’t go quite to plan!

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Your big day is in the making. You’re browsing venues, choosing your theme, the bridesmaids and groomsmen have been picked and informed of their responsibilities, and your save the dates are in the post. Preparation is key and you’re feeling on top of things. Hurrah!

Here’s the thing… no amount of planning or organisation can prepare you for those pesky last minute issues that can easily happen on your wedding day, but here are a few to think about, and some solutions to boot:

Rain on your wedding day

Let’s face it, if you’re getting married in the UK, even in summer, good weather is not guaranteed no matter how much you pray for it. If your dream is to get married outside then great, but make sure your venue has a contingency ceremony location that can quickly be set up if worst comes to worst.

You also need a positive mindset on this one – don’t pin all your hopes on it and don’t force your guests to get their lovely outfits completely drenched (not to mention yours!) by tying the knot outdoors. If it’s just a light shower then have umbrellas at the ready – you could even personalise these with your initials – but if it’s torrential then don’t even think about it!

If it is pouring but you and your other half don’t mind getting a bit wet, you could still have some photos taken outside to create a gorgeous romantic scene – who doesn’t love a kiss in the rain?!


Uninvited guests turn up

I’ve seen it happen more than once. You’ve asked a couple to the evening reception but they’ve lost their invitation and made the assumption that they are invited to the entire day. If you can help it, don’t send them away and try not to make it too obvious that they’ve made a blunder!

Yes, it will mess up your seating plan but have a word with the venue about adding an extra couple of place-settings to one of your tables or, if needs be, swap in a larger table to accommodate them with some of the other guests. Have some spare seating cards ready to write on just in case.

Technology lets you down

Your microphones for the speeches aren’t working and the best man has created a hilarious PowerPoint presentation which won’t project onto the wall! Always test this equipment on the morning of your wedding day to make sure that it is definitely working, and have a member of the AV team that supplied the technology on hand if anything does go wrong – microphones are particularly temperamental so check that they have spares.


Your DJ doesn’t turn up

There’s no party without music so if your DJ doesn’t turn up for your reception because he’s really ill/stuck in traffic/fallen off the face of the Earth, then you have a problem. First of all, speak with him to find out who the back-up would be in that situation – are there other DJs he could call upon at the last minute? If not then there are a few things you can do in the unlikely event of this happening:

-          Make sure you have a list of local DJs that you could potentially call upon on your wedding day

-          Have a party playlist on your phone ready and use the venue’s AV equipment.

-          Look at other options for music, like a band which has interchangeable members so you know that they will always have replacements if one of them does fall ill, or hire a touchscreen digital jukebox where your guests can pick the songs and only requires the supplier to set it up and take it down.


Your guests get really drunk

This often happens at weddings, especially when there’s a free bar, and on the whole people look after themselves but there can be one or two that take things a little too far. Generally, you’ll know which of your friends or family members have a tendency to over-indulge so you can keep an eye out in case you can stop them getting that next drink which looks as though it’s going to tip them over the edge. If they are already past that point then have a word with the bar staff who can politely offer water instead, and make sure the DJ doesn’t give them the microphone! If they really need to go home, have the number of a local taxi company to hand and ensure they get home safe with a friend.


Of course, these are just a handful of potential misfortunes that you may have to deal with on your wedding day, but hiring an experienced wedding planner could make life easier and take all the stress out of your big day, and leave you to concentrate on what’s important; getting married to the one you love and spending time with your nearest and dearest.

We can’t control the weather, but you can rely on us to come up with the behind-the-scenes solutions and make the day run without a hitch.

Minpin Events attended TNWS at Olympia London this spring. Visit their website here to find out more.


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